Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve, 1889

  • Class: Bacillariophyceae
  • Order: Chaetocerotanae incertae sedis
  • Family: Chaetocerotaceae
  • Genus: Chaetoceros
  • Species: Chaetoceros curvisetus

The chains are more or less spirally curved, the shafts are elliptical, concave sometimes in the middle are additionally strongly concave. The curve of the shaft is low (at the poles significantly higher), the belt is more or less high, the grooves at its end are well visible. The "windows" are from elliptical to rhombic, rarely in narrow chains, almost round. The outgrowths protrude from the poles, cross at their bases and continue perpendicular to the axis of the chain, but soon bend in the direction of the convex side of the rotation of the spirals of the chain, the length of the outgrowths is 292 µm. The final growths do not differ from the others. The chromatophore is lamellar with a large pyrenoid and adheres to the girdle. Spores in the middle of the cell with a wrapped thickened girdle of the mother cell. The valves are more or less equally convex, smooth. Rarely widespread in the southern temperate seas.

Quotes from: Proshkina-Lavrenko, AI, 1955. Diatoms of plankton of the Black Sea. Publishing House of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow-Leningrad, pp. 223.

Length : 10-42 µm
Width : 6.9-40 µm
Depth :
Shape : овален цилиндър
Volume :
Surface :
Environment :
Reproduction :

Photosynthetic pigments :
Reserve substances :
Trophic type : А
Biotope : планктон
Biogeographic group : Бореален вид
Spread : Световно
Toxicity : Вреден вид