Protoperidinium granii (Ostenfield, 1906) Balech, 1974

The cells are wide. Epivalva and hipovlava are almost the same size. The transverse groove is curved to the right. The longitudinal is wide. Epivalva is a conical drawn in a short growth. At the back of the hipovalve are two massive spikes.

Length : 40-99 microns
Width : 40-99 microns
Depth :
Shape : конус половин сфера; cone half sphere
Volume :
Surface :
Environment : морски вид; marinae species
Reproduction :

Photosynthetic pigments :
Reserve substances :
Trophic type :
Biotope : планктон; plankton
Biogeographic group :
Spread : космополитно в топли и хладни морета; cosmopolitan in warm and cool seas
Toxicity :