Prorocentrum cordatum (Ostenfeld) Dodge, 1975 (Pr.minimum (Pavillard) J.Schiller, 1933)

  • Class: Dinophyceae
  • Order: Prorocentrales
  • Family: Prorocentraceae
  • Genus: Prorocentrum
  • Species: Prorocentrum cordatum

The phytoplankton species Prorocentrum cordatum (Ostenfeld) Dodge, 1975 (Ex. Cordata Ostenfeld 1901; Pr.minimum (Pavillard) J.Schiller, 1933) is distributed mainly in brackish waters and estuaries in temperate and tropical waters, although it sometimes occurs in open coastal waters (Hajdu et al, 2005). This species demonstrates a high degree of morphological variability. The cells are flattened dorsally - abdominal and have a small apical spike, which can be observed by light microscopy (Hargraves and Sweat, 2011). The cell on the side of the shell is heart-shaped, and on the side of the seam it has slightly convex sides (Kiselev, 1950).

Length : 16-24 µm
Width : 11-20 µm
Depth : 9-10µm
Shape : сплеснат елипсоид
Volume :
Surface :
Environment : морски, бракичен вид
Reproduction : вегетативно - делене на клетката на две

Photosynthetic pigments :
Reserve substances :
Trophic type : А
Biotope : планктон
Biogeographic group :
Spread : Световно
Toxicity : Потенциално вреден вид